Simply put, Video Marketing Publisher is the most powerful video player

for the money, period. I highly recommend you get the version that also

posts to Facebook for just a few dollars more.. Watch the demos here:

VMP consists of the "core" features of Easy Web Video, which has been around since 2008.

Yup, the first major video player out there!

What makes this video player so interesting is that it is ridiculously easy

to use, but powerful.

You can include opt-in forms so people are "forced" to join your list to

see the video continue to play, add clickable links and logos, and loads


The price is super low only until Wednesday night at midnight - then it

spikes up and will sit at $47 or more. DEFINITELY Take advantage of

this "last chance" at this link, so your videos can have a good home:

What are those features of "Video Marketing Publisher?" that make it

so special?:

1. It is NOT a Wordpress Plugin

2. It is based on Mac and PC desktop software

3. It is NOT Youtube based, but instead Amazon S3, which we teach

you to easily get an account with and set up - an amazing advantage.

S3 costs pennies per month for most users, that's it!


4. They have an option for you to post your interactive videos right on

your Facebook Newsfeed.. that's right, they play RIGHT INSIDE THE


5. The cost is super-low compared to the other high-end video players

(1-time charge)

Watch Todd Gross's video at that link below for a demo of the software..

again, they are using the actual software on this page.. so you'll see it

in action!

Don't forget.. the price is super-low until Wednesday night only.


Jason Wu



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