If you've been involved in list-building for any length of time
now [FIRST_NAME] you'll know the importance of establishing
trust and confidence in your subscribers.

They need to know that you have their best interested at heart
and that you're not there just to sell pointless and useless
products to them.

If you find that you've got a fairly decent sized list but not
getting a good open rate or click-throughs, then you've got to
consider what you might be doing wrong with them.

- Have your subscribers forgotten you?

- Do they think nothing more of you than just another 'marketer'?

- Do your subscribers remember how they got onto your list?

- Are you getting 'spam' complaints when you send out emails?

- Do your subscribers really TRUST you?

If you've nodded your head to any of the above then it's time
you started adding more valuable content to your business. 

In a rush?...
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What I've done for you is prepared a series of quality
content-rich emails which teach your subscribers specific skills
to help them with their business.

These include...

• 3 day crash course on give-aways
• 7 day crash course on affiliate marketing
• 5 day crash course on article marketing
• 5 day crash course on list building
• 3 day crash course on cd duplication
• 5 day crash course on copywriting
• 6 day crash course on forum marketing
• 5 day crash course on creating free reports
• 6 day crash course on niche marketing
• 5 day crash course on business etiquette

As you can see these are evergreen subjects that will always be
in demand for anyone who is serious about starting an online

The best part is YOU do not have to be an expert in these
sub-niches because you get personal PLR rights to every single

You can put your name on it, recommend affiliate products, your
own products and gain instant credibility and trust just by
providing this kind of information to your subscribers. 

Check out the full package below:
=> http://l1nk.com/newsletterblowout

Jason Wu


P.S. Building trust with your subscribers is not as difficult as
you might think. I'm handing over to you the same content-rich
'no sell' emails which I send out myself.

Check out the package for yourself and see how much time, effort
and money you could save now and in the future! 



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