Eric Holmlund, from 'The Real Guys' has

come up with another unique PLR offer

that lets you cash in on the current

hot topics.


If you're looking to supplement your

income using Google Adsense, or third

party affiliate programs then this is

something worth checking out especially

with it being on sale for the last





Here's a quick look at what's inside this package...

Module #1 - 50 all new PLR articles covering the hottest celebrities.

Module #2 - 25 all new PLR articles covering the hottest movies.

Module #3 - 25 all new PLR articles covering the hottest TV shows.

Module #4 - 10 all new PLR ebooks on hot and trending topics.

- How To Make Friends With A Celebrity PLR (100pgs)

- How To Survive The End Of The World PLR (102pgs)

- Send In The Drones - Aerial Vehicles (46pgs)

- Gluten Free Living (37pgs)

- What are they teaching my kids (42pgs)

- Just Kick Start It! (45pgs)

- The 10 Keys To Happiness (50pgs)

- Living In A Van Down By The River (32pgs)

- The Art Of Upcycling (55pgs)

- Selfie Secrets (46pgs)


Bonus #1 - 20-Part Complete I.M. Business Workshop ($197 value)

Bonus #2 - Emergency Cash Generators ($97 value)



IDEA #1 - Start a celebrity blog

Create a new post or page for each

celebrity and copy and paste in your

article. SEO optimize each page or post

with relevant keywords, tags,

categories, meta descriptions, and so

on to get high rankings for long tail

keywords related to each post. To

monetize your blog, use Google Adsense

in the sidebar.


IDEA #2 - Start a movie/tv show blog

Start a movie/tv show blog and optimize

every post or page with relevant

keywords, tags, categories, meta

descriptions for SEO rankings. Make

your blog more engaging by embedding a

YouTube trailer into every page or

post. Monetize your blog with Google

Adsense or by promoting 'TV on PC'

software as an affiliate. Conversions

are high for these types of offers.


IDEA #3 - Use the eBooks to get traffic

to your back-end offers

Use the PLR eBooks as vehicles to

promote your back-end product and

affiliate offers. For example, if you

want to promote your 'green living'

product on ClickBank, sell your 'Living

In A Van' eBook with rights to other

marketers and let them do the promoting

for you. You could even offer branding

rights to your eBook so they too can

cash in on your back-end offer!


IDEA #4 - Re-purpose the eBooks for

your blogs

If you've started a celebrity blog, why

not take content from 'How to make

friends with a celebrity' to make your

blog more unique and engaging for your

readers? You could even strip the eBook

down into a crash course and drip feed

the information through your

auto-responder, send them back to your

blog and expose them to your ads for

more revenue!


IDEA #5 - Use the eBooks as bonuses or


Why not add more value to an existing

niche product you're already selling?

If you're selling a 'self help'

product, why not offer 'The 10 Keys To

Happiness' as a bonus. Give the book a

new cover and an altered title to make

it unique, add a brief description into

your sales letter and instantly you'll

increase your conversions.

Alternatively you could your eBook away

in exchange for a customer testimonial!


There are plenty of ways to make money

with this raw content when you sit down

and plan it out and it's a great way to

supplement your existing income with

Google Adsense and affiliate programs.


This truly is one heck of a deal and

considering the $2764 outsource cost,

it's a great way for you to leverage

another marketer's resource.


Be sure to act quick though because

Eric will be pulling down this offer

tonight 14 July...





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Eric Holmlund 







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