If you're new to the idea of private

label rights, let me give you a quick

few reasons why PLR is the ideal

shortcut... so much so that it's almost

like cheating!


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Firstly, you'll never have to write a

word yourself. The content has been

written for you which means you'll

never have to outsource the work or

spend hours planning, researching,

writing from scratch, structuring,

proof-reading or any of that laborious



Secondly, you'll never have to design a

book cover yourself. Not everyone has a

flair for art nor the desire to do it.

With everything all designed for you,

you can simply focus on getting your

product online!


Thirdly, you'll never have to write a

sales letter for each and every product

you create... because it's already done

for you! Have you ever had to write

compelling copy for your own product?

If so you'll know creative you have to

be just to get a few pages out!


Quite simply, PLR means it's done for

you. You save time, money and effort

and have something ready to work with

right away.


For the next 3 days you can claim a

heavy 84% discount off a best-selling

'big daddy' PLR package.


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Whilst this offer has been made

available in the past, the 'big daddy'

price tag has certainly separated the

big players from the start-ups.


So if you've seen this package before

but found it simply out of reach, but

still wanted to take advantage of this

high quality PLR content to tap into

the personal development niche then

now's your chance...



=> http://l1nk.com/PLR-Titans





To get your brain ticking here's some

quick ideas you can start using right



And to get your brain ticking here are

a few brainstorm ideas on how you can

integrate this content into the

existing 'make money' niche...


1. Break down the eBook products into

smaller PDF reports by splitting up the

chapters and giving them away for free.

In each report leave a link pointing

back to your squeeze page where you

offer your visitors free training. From

there you can offer up-sells, affiliate

products as well as back-end offers

through your auto-responder.


2. Create a short sales letter for your

bundle of small reports and offer

master resell rights to internet

marketers. They in turn will happily

sell the product for you because it's

an easy solution and you will gain new

subscribers and potential customers

with minimal effort! The more effort

you put into creating your master

reseller package, the better it will

sell and the longer it will last so

your efforts really pay off.


3. Instead of selling each package

individually to end users, why not

bundle 3, 4, 5 even 10 products

together to make an offer they can't

refuse? Not only can you increase your

price, but you'll increase your

conversions and attract other marketers

to promote your offer. This will also

set you up nicely to create a

spectacular up-sell. Theme your offers

together correctly so for example offer

the big books from Module 1 as one

offer, then as an up-sell present a

goal setting and time-management offer

from Module 3. You can keep adding more

up-sells into your sales sequence over



4. Once you've established a good

record of sales, take screenshots and

proof of your earnings and statistics

to create a compelling affiliate

landing page. Give your affiliates a

strong reason to promote your offer and

give them 50-75% commission on

front-end sales, and 50% on the

up-sells and 50% on back-end sales.

Affiliates love getting commissioned

for all products in a sales funnel and

don't want to be cut out of any deals.

ClickBank and JVZoo fully support

lifetime cookie tracking so there's no

reason why this can't be done. Motivate

your affiliates and watch the traffic

come in!


5. Want to increase the value of your

offer?... Then create a sales video!

Write a script with a PowerPoint

presentation and hire a voice-over

artist to read it aloud. Then have a

video editor compile everything into a

perfectly synced web-ready video.

Although there may be a little work

up-front, the results are very

rewarding. This is a valuable skill by

itself that you can use to help sell

ANY product in ANY niche.


=> http://l1nk.com/PLR-Titans






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